NYPD destroyed the People’s Library—5,000 books, thrown into dumpsters


As you probably know, Liberty Plaza was raided last night. An hour before the park was raided my friend, an older man, came up to me and let me know a cop had told him and an older woman that they should take notice of all the cops, press, and sanitation trucks that had taken to the nearby area. Before leaving, the cop ominously warned, “remember Normandy”. He then relayed the information to me and I relayed the warning, but was met with much skepticism as we’ve heard the cops would raid us just about every night. And then the lights came on, the cops paraded to the edge of the steps in full riot gear and a sound canon fired, announcing our peaceful time protesting in the park for nearly two months had come to a screeching halt. Campers across the park quickly climbed out of their tents screaming, “WAKE UP THE POLICE ARE HERE!” I ran into the library and let the handful of people sleeping in there know what was happening, then unlocked and pulled the OWS POETRY ANTHOLOGY from the shelves and strapped them to my body, then climbed atop a table in the park and read poems from the anthology. Immediately, the people of Liberty Plaza launched into action, a group of about a hundred protesters took to the kitchen and U-Locked/tied themselves down. After reading the third poem, the cops began to enter the park and I realized that I would most likely lose all of my possessions so I quickly grabbed a bag of my personal stuff, ran into the library and dumped a bunch of boxes of books onto the floor to make the cleaning up more difficult for the cops then ran my personal stuff and a few amazing books to a friends house around the corner. I naively thought I could get my stuff to my friends house and then re-enter the park but could only get to the corner of Liberty and Broadway after prepping myself for a long night.

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Just the destruction of the books alone is tragic and unforgiveable. Obviously, images of Farenheit 451, Orwell’s 1984, and roundups of books deemed subversive (or, as was also the case, written by Jews) to be burned in bonfires in Nazi Germany come to mind. Bloomberg is a liar, a tool, and so out of touch with the lives of working people, and the non-investor class. I’ll be very, very glad to see him gone unless changes the laws again, and deems himself worthy of, and demands, yet another term.

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