Meanwhile, coal is still killing us (and “clean coal” is a giant scam)

The Triumph of King Coal:
Hardening Our Coal Addiction
Despite all the talk about curbing greenhouse gas emissions, the world is burning more and more coal. The inconvenient truth is that coal remains a cheap and dirty fuel — and the idea of “clean” coal remains a distant dream.
by fred pearce

This year’s UN climate negotiations are in Durban, South Africa. Many delegates will already be looking forward to the chance of going on safari after their labors, visiting Kruger National Park or one of the country’s other magnificent game reserves. But I have another suggestion. Visit the enemy. Just two hours’ drive up the Indian Ocean coast from Durban is Richards Bay, a huge deep-water harbor that is home to the world’s largest coal export terminal.

Anyone seduced by the conference exhibition halls in Durban, filled with the latest renewable energy technology, will get a rude awakening at Richards Bay. For it may tell the real story of our energy futures — and it is scary.

King coal is extending his kingdom. So dysfunctional is the world’s response to climate change that every year, the dirtiest fuel of them all is generating a growing proportion of the world’s energy.

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1 reply on “Meanwhile, coal is still killing us (and “clean coal” is a giant scam)”

What do the elites think is the end game when it comes to the environment and the future of civilization?

People like Bill Clinton, Obama, T. Boone Pickens, CEO’s, powerful billionaires are smart people. I can’t understand what they are thinking?

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