What to do when they “let us” win elections (Great new blog by Victoria Collier!)

What To Do When They “Let” Us Win Elections

Yesterday we witnessed an increasingly rare phenomenon: We the People won at the ballot box.

In Ohio and Mississippi voters successfully killed two bills that furthered the Union-Busting, Women-Hating agenda of the extreme right. Senate Bill 5 was defeated by a massive statewide labor coalition, fighting to reclaim their right to collectively bargain in the Buckeye State. In the Bible Belt, women — and more than a few good southern men — stood together to defeat an initiative that would have defined life at the beginning of fertilization, a head-on challenge to Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to choose.

We’re happy, of course, for the workers of Ohio who still own their voices, and the women in Mississippi who still own their bodies. But there’s a real downside to yesterday’s news for progressive-minded Election Integrity activists.

Every time “our side” wins at the voting booth, it becomes much more difficult to talk about our favorite topic: computerized election fraud.

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