In Westchester, 2 more Democrats, though WAY ahead late on Election Night, had somehow LOST by morning (but let it go)

What is it in the brains of Democrats that shuts down in the face of oddities that the Republicans would be the first to scream about, if it meant a loss for them?

With an “opposition party” like this one, small wonder that the rest of us are in the streets.

The Dominion machines used in Westchester on Election Day have been impounded.

See the two news articles below.


From Tom S.:


On Election Night, I was in Ossining at a victory party for Westchester legislator candidate Catherine Borgia and the Dem ticket, winners all. The mood was especially festive because it looked like the Dems had held on to the Supermajority (12 seats to 5 Repub) in the Westchester County Legislators race.

At 10:30 PM, things looked sweet. The closest race, District 3 (where Republican County Executive Rob Astorino resides) had Dem John Nonna up on Repub Michael Smith about 53 to 47 with about 80% reporting. Over in District 10, where Republican first-term incumbent Sheila Marcotte, the Board’s minority whip and a rising star in the party, was expected to lose because of New Rochelle swinging big to the Dems, she was indeed losing—by a wide margin, with 60% of the vote going to Dem challenger John Fitzpatrick to her 40%, again with over 80% reporting.

I went home and watched the local cable news till 1 AM–again, Nonna still up, though the margin was 51 to 49, and Marcotte losing by a solid ten points, 55 to 45.

By morning, though, the vote had flipped in favor of both Smith and Marcotte.

Here are the BOE totals:

Believe me, the whole county went to sleep figuring that the supermajority was safe.

In the AM, with the new totals, County Executive Astorino quickly issued a press release saying that the two seats had gone to the Republicans–even though there are recounts ahead, plus paper ballots and affidavit ballots yet to be counted. He later backed up a step on TV, saying only that “things looked good,” though, of course, all the votes must still be counted, etc.

Because of this flip in the wee hours, long after the polls had closed, when most of the votes showed Dem trending strongly to victories in these two races—one by a landslide—and since these are the two races the County Executive wanted most to win, and judging by Astorino’s quick and confident calling the two elections for the Republicans, I am not the least bit confident that this has been a fair and straight election.

Perhaps you can help me with this.


One thought on “In Westchester, 2 more Democrats, though WAY ahead late on Election Night, had somehow LOST by morning (but let it go)”

  1. Our elections are routinely rigged. I worked for six years on the 2004 election in Ohio. Nothing ever happened except that Dr. Richard Hayes Phillips wrote a book, Witness to a Crime: A Citizens’ Audit of an American Election and there is a Federal Supreme court case floundering in the Southern District of Ohio.

    The country may SAY it wants fair elections but that’s not what it has ever done. Don’t make the mistake I did. Don’t waste six years. *If* your election system has voter marked paper ballots and you have the money and work quickly you might have a chance. If the election is on touch screens, Accept it, forget it and move on.

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