Gitmo officials now allowed to seize and read detainees’ privileged legal mail

New Policy Allows Guantanamo Officals to Seize and Read Detainees’ Privileged Legal Mail
Thursday 3 November 2011
by: Jason Leopold, Truthout | Report

Two weeks ago, in response to Truthout’s queries about the matter, Lt. Col. Joseph Todd Breasseale, a Defense Department spokesman, said Woods, who was named Joint Task Force Guantanamo commander in August, “directed that a security search be undertaken of detainee cells and materials in Camp 7,” where the 14 high-value detainees reside.

“This security search is not in response to any particular security threat and does not involve detainees in other [Joint Task Force-Guantanamo] detention facilities,” Breasseale told Truthout October 14.

He would not disclose why the “security search” was initiated.

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