Flummoxed by OWS, Little Caesar plays the “terror” card to change the subject, but gets busted by the FBI

The Billionaire Stumbles: Bloomberg Uses “Terrorism” Charge as Distraction and Gets Pepper Sprayed by the FBI
Submitted by BuzzFlash on Wed, 11/23/2011 – 3:34pm.

Despite the attempt to create a sense of televised urgency with Michael Bloomberg starring as the savior of the public from an imminent “terrorist attack” by NYC resident Jose Pimental, this past Sunday’s NYC news event — co-starring the NYPD police commissoner — was another failed attempt to shore up the multi-billionaire mayor’s plummeting image.

Bloomberg — who wore a golf course orange sweater and khakis no doubt to emphasize that the “foiled” terrorist plot was so significant that he had just rushed from the links to “reassure” the public that his adroitness and tenacity as a “protector” of public safety extended beyond thousands of arrests of peaceful non-violent protestors, millions of dollars of taxpayer money spent on using the NYPD as a thuggish security force for the 1%, and smashing Liberty Park to smithereens like a tin horn dictator on a rampage — even wantonly permitting the destruction of the OWS library in a “1984” like gesture of contempt.

The only problem for Bloomberg was that the FBI — and by implication the Department of Homeland Security — pepper sprayed the notion that Pimental was any imminent threat to anybody. It is rather unusual for the FBI to actively take down a government official through the media over “terrorism,” but in this case the Associated Press reported that the FBI thought Pimental was not worthy of arrest. In fact, terrorism charges almost always come through federal apprehension, which was a tip off that something was amiss in that Pimental was seized by the NYPD and charged by a New York City district attorney.

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