Denial of service attack takes down Recall Walker website

MON NOV 14, 2011 AT 03:40 PM PST
Denial of Service Attack Takes Down United Wisconsin’s Recall Walker Website! (Update)

A computer professional from Milwaukee was called in to United Wisconsin’s office in Milwaukee this afternoon to see why its website, which is a main portal for the recall of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, crashed. The website hosts pertinent information regarding field coordination, contacts, FAQs and other information pertinent to the recall campaign. The computer scientist stated, via email that “The site was brought to its knees. I was asked to take a look, and there is an insane amount of requests hitting the server… which is the hallmark of ddos… still working on details.”

I asked if there was an antidote and his reply was: “Not a cure all, but they should be able to be back up from this attack fairly soon. This is the stuff of highly paid security professionals… Grassroots groups usually are not targets of these kinds of sophisticated attacks. They are working with their hosting company, which is the best bet since they live and breath this stuff.”

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