Bloomberg drives #OWS out of Zuccotti Park; protesters mass in Foley Square

6:42 A.M. Bloomberg’s Statement on Clearing of Zuccotti Park

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg released a statement early Tuesday morning on the police action that cleared protesters from Zuccotti Park, describing the protest site as “a place where people came not to protest, but rather to break laws”:

At one o’clock this morning, the New York City Police Department and the owners of Zuccotti Park notified protestors in the park that they had to immediately remove tents, sleeping bags and other belongings, and must follow the park rules if they wished to continue to use it to protest. Many protestors peacefully complied and left. At Brookfield’s request, members of the NYPD and Sanitation Department assisted in removing any remaining tents and sleeping bags. This action was taken at this time of day to reduce the risk of confrontation in the park, and to minimize disruption to the surrounding neighborhood.

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