Atlanta PD deals with a small protest like the Wehrmacht taking over Paris

One thought on “Atlanta PD deals with a small protest like the Wehrmacht taking over Paris”

  1. American citizens have been lulled into a false sense that we live in an open democracy where we have the right to speak openly and protest.

    Guess what? We don’t. We lost these rights decades ago once we allowed the wealthy to become uber wealthy and corporations to run this country and to control the media and project a picture of a seemingly prosperous country where our votes count (they don’t because they’re counted by companies controlled by rightwing interests) and all the masses seem to care about are stupid reality shows, and how Dem figures like John Edwards and Elliot Spitzer’s extracurricular activities dominate headlines.

    I don’t see a happy ending. The uber wealthy are counting that they’ll only end up having to deal with just a few of the most vocal of the protestors and they’ll use these protestors as examples of why one shouldn’t step out of line.

    American citizens will find out the hard way that we live in a very restrictive and extremely controlled country where the 99% have no rights at all, not even the right to protest. We are here to serve the 1%, and hope that some jobs and money trickles down to us, while they continue to extract as much as they can from the middleclass, poor, elderly, unemployed and ill.

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