Thursday morning Mayor Sam Adams announced that he was issuing an eviction notice for Occupy Portland, effective at 12:01 AM Sunday. While our Mayor has been largely supportive of our protest and our rights to free speech, the business interests and other associated lobbying groups were able to exert enough sustained political pressure to create our coming stand-off with the city. We have about 600 occupiers who stay in our two-block camp, and over 1,000 who are part of daily activities. Saturday night, we will be holding an “occufestival” to invite the people of our city down to stand in solidarity. We are also trying to organize Livestream house-parties for people who cannot support us physically.

Occupy Portland began on October 6th, in non-violent solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and all other occupations around the world. We continue to stand with our fellow human beings around the world, many of whom have had to face this very situation before us. Our civil leaders the world over have been perplexed with how to make us stop. The truth is that we won’t stop. There is nothing they can do to force us to stop. Many other occupations have faced police action and eviction. Not a single one of these actions has ended the protest efforts of the occupy movement in these cities. We will not be the first place where this tactic succeeds.

Many of our brave fellow occupiers have faced the stark reality of how thin our rights have truly become, and Saturday night Occupy Portland will stand with others who have faced the threat of force to non-violently say no. We will not leave, we will not go away, we will not be silenced, just as none of you have been. Our efforts are your efforts, and yours are ours.

Occupy Portland thanks our fellow occupiers all around our planet who have stood in solidarity with a message that we all feel resonating within us; a message of compassion, justice and reason. We remember those who have come before us within this movement, from those arrested in the early days at the Brooklyn Bridge, to the demonstrations in Oakland exposing the brutality of police action, to the persistence of the occupiers in Atlanta. To all those who have faced this before us, we follow in the incredible footsteps of your examples, ready to continue our occupation no matter how difficult, no matter how cold, and no matter how wet it becomes.

The 99% are united in our efforts to be heard. Over 100 years ago, a coin toss decided this city’s name as Portland. Had the coin flipped the other way, this would be Boston, Oregon. We all share connection with each other, sometimes in ways we don’t even understand, and no matter what you face at your occupation, no matter what we face this weekend as the police come to arrest hundreds of people in Portland, we are all members of the human race, united in our efforts to heal our species from its sickness infecting every aspect of our society, of our economy, of our relationships, and of our governments.

With Solidarity,
Occupy Portland

PR Team:
Interoccupation Outreach:

Mayor Sam Adams
Phone: (503) 823-4120
Twitter: @mayorsamadams

Portland Police
Phone (Central Precinct – Across The Street From Camp): (503) 823-3333
Phone (General): (503) 823-0000
Fax: (503) 823-0342

City Commissioner Nick Fish (Has been absolutely TERRIBLE)
Phone: (503) 823-3589

Fax: (503) 823-3596

City Commissioner Randy Leonard (Mostly reasonable)
Phone: (503) 823-4682

City Commissioner Dan Saltzman (The voice of the business lobby)
Phone: (503) 823-4151
Fax: (503) 823-3036

City Commissioner Amanda Fritz (Has been pretty supportive)
Phone: (503) 823-3008

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