Abramoff’s confession moves us closer to the truth about Don Siegelman—who badly needs your help!


Dear Friend,

First: Jack Abromoff, is validating what I have been saying for more than a decade!!!! Straight from the horse’s mouth: Abramoff confessed that he laundered $20 million dollars of gambling money through fake organizations to defeat me and my Education Lottery proposal and to elect my opponent Bob Riley.

Then they came after me using the wife of my opponent’s campaign manager( Karl Rove’s best friend), the US Attorney to prosecute me. Everybody knows that ruining a political reputation is the cheapest and best campaign tool ever. Yes, taxpayers paid for that campaign tactic, too.

I have been saying this all along and now it is in print, straight from Jack Abramoff himself!

In his new book Jack Abramoff states that the number one problem he had to deal with in Alabama was me… Don Siegelman. http://blog.al.com/sweethome/2011/11/jack_abramoffs_book_says_choct.html#incart_hbx

What Abramoff says takes us along way down the road toward the truth.

Update on my hearing in federal court:The court has asked to see the documents that will prove that I was denied a fair trial. Prosecutors testified in open court that the government had not obeyed an order by my trial judge in 2006 to turn over documents which show that the government coached their star witness to lie on the stand.

I think the papers should be made public as well…but one step at a time.

It appears that my story will be confirmed more and more as time goes on! Persistence pays. Help me be persistent so that we can keep exposing this wrong doing!

Please contribute to my Legal Defense Fund — and help me fight to overturn my politically-motivated prosecution at the hands of Karl Rove and Leura Canary!


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They abused our system of justice and they abused the public trust. And I’ll never stop fighting until the truth wins out.

Please contribute $25 or more to my legal defense fund now — and help me fight to overturn my politically-motivated prosecution at the hands of Karl Rove and Leura Canary!

Thank you for all you have done and will do to help me continue to fight for justice in this case and for our country.


Mrs. William Canary (Leura), the Alabama Middle District US Attorney,prosecuted me while her husband, Karl Rove’s best friend, was being paid by my opponent

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  1. Have you forgotten-the veteran Joe McQuaid?
    Someone’s attention grabbed by titles. Derek a builder from Meredith reminded me to continue writing even if the newspaper censors my opinion for the danger they want the public to believe that I am. The UL will reject this letter even though it is in response to Joe McQuaid’s editirial and the “Have you forgotten” articles of Derek. A reader that buys several newspapers every day is rejected from even responding to posted or printed news to suppress the fact of the truth. Will the new look of the UL include even those readers opinion of facts the editor’s want suppressed in defiance of our Constitution. May be forgotten but regrettably US Military Veterans are turned away, neglected for the danger-civilized society wants the public to believe we are. The very injuries received fighting for the freedom we back here enjoy the VA with public knowledge stops this US Military Veteran’s medical care until I stop writing opinion of government wrongs. The UL is not the only paper to censor my responses. The destructive norms of the editor’s across the USA are why so many undiagnosed disabled combat US Military Veterans are incrassated every year. A civilized society communicates to stop government wrongs are highlighted by the neglected freedom of speech suffering in silence for the demons society hangs us with. Our attention grabbing title is used to place danger signs over us to keep the public awareness afraid to speak freely.
    Public opinion of the NH Supreme Court criminally violating the Constitution to harm the public by refusing to hear a case of a brother Judge/attorney crime must be a freedom never denied. Judge Peter Fauver criminally violated the Constitution to enable the Madbury NH selectmen to take for the selectmen’s personal self-gain with the trusted power of government from local resident. My VA medical for combat related disabilities was stopped because I volunteer my time to help a family that (to that point) never met take the case to the NH SC. In a civilized society where communication is used to avoid violence have you forgotten what we are fighting for on foreign soil even this very day? If freedom exists as (Your Turn NH and Joe McQuaid are also important aspects of a free civilized society) why this harm?
    Another View (by Maj. Roughsedge) quietly reflects on the sacfifices of those that served and continue to serve. We serve to protect and defend our Constitution and the equal rights it guarantees every individual even the disabled that come back from a world a civilized society will not accept.
    Another World is an attention grabbing title the silent demons never let those that are there forget. The US Military Veteran even disabled must be recognized as equal under the Constitution. Grabbing attention is a title all US Military Veterans never should have to earn. My voice is not fearless-I do it for everyone and ask nothing for myself
    Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semepr Fi
    465 Packers falls Rd Lee NH 03824 603-659-6217

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