A blow-by-blow account, w/ visuals, of NYPD’s midnight raid on OWS

NYPD raid Occupy Wall Street, evict OWS encampment after two months

Hundreds of NYPD officers evicted Occupy Wall Street protesters from Zuccotti Park before dawn this morning, ending the two-month demonstration. A judge has issued a temporary restraining order against the police eviction. NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg disputes the judge, and vows to fight to keep the park clear. Live udpates follow.

[10:20am ET] A group of several hundred protesters have been marching from City Hall back to Zuccotti Park, and they are now re-entering Zuccotti, cheering. Journalists/observers who are live-tweeting right now at #OWS on the march back into Zuccotti: @quinnnorton @katz @Newyorkist @joshharkinson @viewofadam @nancyscola @elliotjustin @samgf. Protestors have now reached the edge of park waving Judge Billings’ order in the air, and are yelling, “We have a court order!”. Those who push in are forcibly removed. People are jumping over police barriers, shouting, “This is our park!” ….And the barricade has been torn down. NYPD is filming demonstrators to identify them later.

[10:13am ET] Here’s a snapshot of the temporary restraining order faxed to the mayor’s office at 7:50am, just before the press conference during which he hadn’t been served. Zuccotti remains closed, in violation of this order.

[10:11am ET] My Boing Boing colleague Cory Doctorow was on-site at Zuccotti just yesterday afternoon, visiting the OWS library and interviewing librarians. All 5,000 books and the library, the structure for which I’m told was paid for by rocker Patti Smith, have been destroyed.

Read more at BoingBoing.

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