9 reasons why Wired readers have good reason to be “paranoid” (and so do all the rest of us)

There are actually 10 reasons, since Wired also reports on the dangers of computerized voting—not as much as they should, but a whole lot more than nearly everybody else.


9 Reasons Wired Readers Should Wear Tinfoil Hats
By David Kravets Email Author
November 24, 2011

There’s plenty of reason to be concerned Big Brother is watching.

We’re paranoid not because we have grandiose notions of our self-importance, but because the factsspeak for themselves.

Here’s our short list of nine reasons that Wired readers ought to wear tinfoil hats, or at least, fight for their rights and consider ways to protect themselves with encryption and defensive digital technologies.

We know the list is incomplete, so if you have better reasons that we list here, put them in the comments and we’ll make a list based off them.

Until then, remember: Don’t suspect a friend; report him.

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