Yes, SHAME ON NPR—which is dropping “World of Opera” because Lisa Simeone is its host

NPR Retaliates Against Opera Show | Consortiumnews
October 22, 2011

After discovering that the host of an opera program had joined pro-democracy protests in Washington, NPR decried the woman’s ethics and got her ousted from one job. But the opera show refused to buckle, so NPR dropped it from national distribution, as activist David Swanson reports.

By David Swanson

On Friday, NPR’s PR flack was haranguing me on the phone about how NPR had nothing to do with getting Lisa Simeone fired from hosting an independent radio program called Soundprint. This was despite NPR having gone public with its concerns that Simeone’s participation in “Occupy DC” events was “unethical.”

In firing Simeone, Soundprint had referenced NPR’s “ethics” rules, and NPR had made clear its intention to get Simeone removed from America’s airwaves. But I acknowledged that I had no evidence that NPR had directly contacted Soundprint.

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