Yahoo! News runs rightist propaganda jab at #OWS as real news article

From Gary Myrick:

As their top story, Yahoo news is running an OPINION piece that they fail to identify as such, casting it as a news article:

“One month in, protests yet to topple capitalism”

This rightist propaganda piece comes from The Daily Caller, the oft-discredited website founded by GOP pundit Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel, former adviser to Dick Cheney .

 I left a message for Jane Sasseen, the Editor-in-Chief of Yahoo! News, letting her know that I don’t appreciate seeing far-right attack pieces placed as news stories.

I suggest that others do the same.

 Here’s the contact info for Sasseen’s booking agent—the only way I’ve found so far to contact her:

Becky Auslander, (212) 381-6909,

3 thoughts on “Yahoo! News runs rightist propaganda jab at #OWS as real news article”

  1. The chairman of Yahoo – Roy Bostock also serves on the board of directors of Morgan Stanley. Tim Morse the new CEO of Yahoo, appointed by Roy at the beginning of September this year, has spent his life in Financial Management and was Yahoo’s former Chief Financial Officer. He has also spent considerable time working for General Electric or their partners in various financial roles. I won’t be wasting my time complaining about this propaganda, masquerading as news, but I will be removing Yahoo from my search engine options and will refrain from using any of their services. Sadly, Yahoo has been corporatised ( new word ) so I expect many similar attacks from this websites news feed on the #OWS movement – which dares to advocate direct democracy and a balanced share of power and wealth for the 99% of the worlds population betrayed by the present system.

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