Withholding documents, B’Obama’s DoJ shields Lithuania from torture suit by Gitmo detainee

Department of Justice Balks at Turning Over Guantanamo Detainee’s “Power-of-Attorney” Document to His Lawyers
Friday 28 October 2011
by: Jason Leopold, Truthout | Report

Attorneys for Abu Zubaydah say they have been trying to mount a meaningful defense for the “high-value” detainee, who has been in the custody of the US government since March 2002, and have also sought legal remedies outside of the United States to hold accountable those who were complicit in his rendition and torture.

But Zubaydah’s attorneys claim their efforts have been stymied by the Justice Department (DOJ), which refuses to turn over to them critical documents they need to press forward with his case.

For example, late Thursday, Zubaydah’s legal team filed a lawsuit against Lithuania with the Strasbourg-based European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), the leading human rights tribunal in the world, over the country’s failure to reopen an investigation into its role in Zubaydah’s rendition to a CIA black site prison in Lithuania and the torture he was subjected to there in 2005.

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