WI law allows unlimited donations to FIGHT Walker recall, and make it look as if he “won”—a problem that WI’s Democrats won’t face (4 items)

1)Wis. Law Allows Unlimited Donations To Fight Recall
POSTED: 8:01 am CDT October 14, 2011

2) Wisconsin Recall: Exit Polls and the True Vote Model
Richard Charnin – Aug. 29, 2011

3) Nine Wisconsin Recalls: A True Vote Analysis
A Statistical Analysis of the Wisconsin Recall Elections
Richard Charnin


Dear Mr. Tate,

I saw you speak the other night on the Ed Schultz show, and was FLABBERGASTED when you
spoke of doing another recall election in Wisconsin, this time for Gov. Scott Walker.

What shocked me was that you and the WiDem Party still haven’t recognized the huge role that
private companies are playing in the counting of the votes. Approximately 90 to 95% of all ballots
are now counted via some sort of computerized opscan or e-voting machine system, all operated by privately owned companies controlled by right-wing executives. That’s like having Sarah Palin’s
uncles in charge of nearly all the counting of the votes, behind closed doors.

Below are 2 items by Richard Charnin, analyzing the last recall elections in Wisconsin. Please take
a minute to read them, and please keep an open mind.

I can tell you this right now: a recall election is a complete waste of time and money, even if you gather enough signatures to get it on the ballot.

The conservative folks who run these privately run companies overseeing the e-voting and opscan tabulators will NEVER let you win the special recall election. It may be close—you might
lose by only 2 or 3%—but you will never win as long as the counting of the votes is in their hands.

Look at happened at the WI recall elections of the 9 GOP WI State Senators: the Dems needed to win 3 races, but they only won 2. There was no way the GOP via the privately owned firms that control the counting of the votes would ever allow the Dems to take back the WI State Senate.

You need to stop smoking whatever you’ve been smoking (or drinking if you’re a nonsmoker) and start realizing that election theft/fraud is rampant in elections in the US, especially in the last few years with
the so called TeaParty being able to take control of so many state legislatures, like Wisconsin’s. I became interested in this subject when Bush stole the 2004 election in Ohio from Kerry and the nation witnessed what happened after midnight when Kerry’s 3% lead flipflopped, and all of a sudden Bush was ahead by 3%. Only Sen Barbara Boxer objected to this election in the Senate and she very nearly “lost” her recent re-election bid.

Wake up and smell the coffee.

Thank you for reading this.

Katie Hickox
San Franciso
Member, SF For Democracy and Dem Women’s Forum clubs

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