What happened at the Citibank on LaGuardia Place? A protester’s account

A Protester’s Account of This Weekend’s Citibank Arrests

Citibank’s gotten the chance to tell its side of the story regarding the arrest of 24 people—including the woman in this video, an account-holder, who appears to be dragged back inside the bank—at one of its New York City branches on Saturday. Here’s one protester’s version of the events.

This account is by Elana Carroll (that’s her in the above photograph, taken by the AP’s John Minchillo on Saturday), a friend of mine who was among the people arrested at the Greenwich Village Citibank. I’ve slightly edited her story for clarity.

The woman from the video who got arrested had originally entered the bank with us as a part of our group (our group had met about 20 minutes before in Washington Square Park). She and a few people (although I’m not sure how many exactly) closed their accounts while the rest of us were listening to the stories we were sharing. When we were asked to leave by management, she and a few others walked out. The man in the video in the hoodie who grabs her is a plain-clothes cop who was with us when he entered the bank. Whether he was with us since our meeting at Washington Square, I don’t know, but other people with us have said they saw him with us earlier.

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