Walker’s pals in Madison announce a bill requiring that recall petitions all be NOTARIZED

Too bad that United Wisconsin doesn’t say a word about the voting system there…



United Wisconsin
Dear Friends,

Here he goes again…Scott Walker’s buddies in the state Senate just announced a bill that would require all recall petition gatherers, who already have to certify each petition they collect, to have their own certifications notarized.

They are attempting to create a huge burden on the hundreds of thousands of you who have already pledged to recall Walker. If this bill passes, you might need to find a public notary to submit the recall signatures of your friends, family and colleagues. 

This bill and any other roadblocks they try to throw our way won’t stop us—we will recall Walker!

Will you please give $25, $40 or whatever you can today to United Wisconsin to recall Walker—despite any tricks he tries to pull!

Scott Walker’s cronies are doing everything they can to stop you from recalling him. We have seen it before and each time we fight back with even more energy, support and strength.

Please make a donation of $25 or $40 to show Walker, we will overcome any obstacle he lays out and we will recall him.
We are already working on plans to account for this new challenge and will be back in touch soon with more information and other ways you can help. 

We know that no matter what they throw at us, recalling Walker is not about political tricks. It is about real people who have suffered the consequences of Walker’s actions this past year.

Contribute to United Wisconsin today, and let’s show them you won’t be backed into a corner.

Thank you for your continued support.

United Wisconsin Board of Directors

P.S. – Please click here to make a contribution today to give United Wisconsin the resources we need to fight Walker!

Paid for by United Wisconsin PAC. Michael Brown, Board Member. Not authorized by any candidate, candidate’s agent or committee.

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