VA negligent in suicide of Iraq war veteran w/ PTSD, his widow charges (Several items)

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APNewsBreak: Suit claims VA negligent in suicide
By KRISTIN M. HALL, Associated Press

The widow of an Iraq war veteran from Tennessee claims in a lawsuit that the Veterans Affairs was negligent in failing to diagnose and treat his post-traumatic stress disorder before he committed suicide in 2008.

The suit filed Tuesday in federal court in Greeneville says staff at the VA hospital in Mountain Home did not adequately treat Scott Walter Eiswert, of Greeneville, before his suicide at the age of 31. Eiswert, who served with the Tennessee National Guard, served in Iraq in 2004 and 2005.

The family’s lawsuit is the latest criticism of the VA’s response to preventing suicide among veterans and dealing with a massive backlog of benefits claims. Similar lawsuits have been filed against the VA by families of veterans who have committed suicide after seeking help at VA facilities.

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The PBS News Hour originally reported the tragic and preventable death on Veterans Day 2008:

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3. Latest Statistics: New VCS Briefing, “Iraq and Afghanistan War Impact Report.”

4. Brand New VA Training Video, released this week. =rKzN2yI5DTU&feature=player_em bedded

5. Resource Links for Veterans, Legislators, Advocates, and Reporters:

A. VA: What is PTSD? lic/index.asp
B. VA: Veteran’s Crisis Line: http://veteranscrisisline. net/ 

4 thoughts on “VA negligent in suicide of Iraq war veteran w/ PTSD, his widow charges (Several items)”

  1. Sunday News Parade
    An unbreakable Bond is the article, teaches and every single US citizen should read. US Military Veterans Past, Present and Future are the heart and back bone of the USA. A child loses every civilized thought and reaction learned when/if that child graduates from boot camp. That child becomes a team member and will do any act possible and many acts conceived impossible to defend and protect the USA and the team. Boot camp is only the introduction to a life necessary but that no person should ever have to live. The safety of the USA becomes a world of people living with nothing and still being happy. People that have never seen a flush toilet or have limited running water give a smile as we pass through their village is the only thank you that they dare give in fear a VC might be near. The first few months the thought of death or a lost limb haunts every thought every second. One-day compliancy with all aspects of life takes over as this world of death and destruction replaces the reality of the real world (USA). Civilized society cannot/will not accept those that come back alive as many are left to squalor on the streets homeless in conditions comparable to the people in the conflict our US politicians sent us too. Veterans day is here again to what if even one US Military Veteran is passed over with out medical care for injuries received on tour. Having a Veterans Admin that chooses a veteran here and there to leave behind is something this team member cannot accept. The unbreakable bond should be a nation that reads this article and realizes we the US Military Veteran are US citizens also that sees life differently than others.
    We are not heroes. We are the men and women that want to enjoy the USA and all she has to offer just as those we did it for. When a US Military Veterans volunteers to help a family from a different town that he does not even know because they called and asked for help it maybe that we care. A 100% combat related disabled US Military Veteran has to have the right in this civilized society to tell the NH Supreme Court when they criminally violate our highest law the Constitution. When the NH government and NH SC use government retribution to stop a disabled US Military Veteran’s free speech something is wrong. To stop any US citizen’s medical care is wrong. To stop a 100% disabled US Military Veterans medical care to stop free speech and the news media censors the facts from the public I think back to the smile on that village child’s face with the hope some day we are not there. NH labeled me a mentally dangerous individual to scare the public using my Marine Corps disabilities to harm me. The people of the USA are in titled to understand what the State of New Hampshire is doing to US Military Veterans on this Veterans Day for if you look it is happen in your neighborhood also.
    Reading the “Unbreakable Bond” makes me realize that I am not the only one.
    Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi
    465 Packers falls Rd Lee NH 03824 603-659-6217

  2. Fosters’ Daily Democrat ethics
    A newspapers exist to print the unbiased news for it readers to learn and be well informed. A newspaper exists to print both sides of the story even if the response by the damaged party questions the character of the editor’s choice. The Fosters once gave me an award for my relentless volunteering to help other citizens in the community even at an expense to my own family. In the twenty or more years since Foster’s said thank you in that way I have not changed. Today even more do I find the need and do daily help other citizens in the community and state of NH. I refuse to accept any form of payment for helping other than a thank you. That is why so many years ago I appreciated the Thank You from Fosters. Things changed directly after that award. The Fosters stopped printing my opinion letters because one letter criticized Rod Dougherty and the Fosters for something they wrote. This newspaper is hurting the community by not printing all the facts good or bad. To censor the community from the unbiased news makes the Fosters a rag. I am running for NH State Senate District 21 do the citizens of that community deserve to hear the facts or is it Rod Dougherty’s right to censor for the safety in his eyes of the public. The Portsmouth herald does the same to censor for whatever reason. District 21 is also Portsmouth and this newspaper tells all kinds of facts about my Democrat opponent Fuller-Clark. Lets not leave the Union Leader out for they claim to be the state’s largest but they censor my campaign also. Can protecting the people be so important than the unbiased facts of both sides of the story?
    The main theme of my campaign is that the NH Supreme Court covered up the Madbury NH selectmen taking through the trusted power of the people from local resident for the selectmen’s own self profit. The NH SC refused to hear the case because it was Judge Peter Fauver with uncontested documented facts presented to the SC that criminally violated the Constitution to allow the Madbury NH selectmen to continue this dangerous criminal activity. The newspapers in the State of New Hampshire believe it is their duty to protect the citizens of NH from a danger such as me. I do not care if the editor’s like me or not it is their obligation to inform their readers of the unbiased facts. This is my campaign to help the state of NH.
    These very same newspapers believe it is their duty to not inform the people of my willingness with my own money saved over years to start a Veteran Chapel where disabled and combat veterans disabled or not can go to try to come home mentally and physically at no cost to them. I just bought eleven acres of land on a pond in Lee NH to do just so. Volunteering to help other citizens is my way of showing gratitude for coming home alive when so many better than I will never get to. Think of the damage these very newspapers we trust is doing to the citizens that believe so much in a better USA. What about the US Military Veteran left out because of editors like Rod Dougherty that will never come home completely.
    Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC SemperFi
    465 Packers falls rd Lee NH 03824 603-781-3839

  3. Vet Help Vets in Lee NH
    Homeless Veterans is everyone’s need to help. In Lee My wife and I, followed the rules as the building inspector (BI) came to the property with police escort to stop my cutting trees with out a permit in Lee NH. I told the BI about the Veteran Resort-Chapel non-profit and how it was to help homeless Veterans get back on their feet and asked to work with him to get it right. I am an ordained Minister since 1980 when I finished the courses. I have used that education over the years to talk with and help homeless Veterans, children of deployed Military and families on a daily basis. The Chapel is not a tax dodge because the non-profit would get the tax break anyway and the property was put in the VRC name because there is no self-gain for my wife and I. After I informed the Lee BI of our use of Compost toilets he told us that we needed approved septic design before we could even cut trees on the property. Knowing what the Lee BI was saying was wrong, just to play the game and keep the town happy I spent $2500.00 with all the fees and expenses to get a State approved Septic design. I ask for a driveway permit and the Lee BI, the Road agent and the Planning board member across the street place the entrance at 101 Stepping Stone Rd right in the middle of the septic design. I tell them that but they tell me this is where it has to go. To get started at the VRC expense I put the driveway in the wrong spot. I cut the trees and stump the lot with the volunteer help of Rick Stevens and dig a foundation hole. At this time I had to put the driveway in the proper place according to the measurements on the State approve septic design. The planning board neighbor went ballistic. The Lee BI then informs me that I cannot get a permit without going in front of the Site Review Committee. The VRC attends three site review meetings and each time they delay and ask for more expensive tests of prints. The VRC attends a Lee Selectmen’s meeting and explains the run around, delays and wasted costs to stop this VRC by the Lee Town officials. The Lee Selectmen turn a blind eye to what I am saying and dismiss the VRC, as it appears one of the selectmen lives on Stepping Stone Rd. The one comment that rings in my ears is when the Lee BI and the Kevin Crawford the Planning board neighbor asked “how you going to keep those type out”. My answer was and will always be “These are US Military Veterans that became those type because of what they did for you; I will treat everyone of them equal”.
    On May 29 (unless they delay it again) there is a ZBA meeting to correct these government wrongs where Lee NH is putting all efforts forward to doom the homeless US Military Veteran. We as a nation should be outraged that any person would go to such lengths to harm anyone. To have the trusted Town of Lee NH officials so openly doing it but claiming they care about the welfare of US Military Veterans is actions that can never be tolerated.
    One must ask if the State government officials are aware of these wrongs why have they not even spoken to the public to stop these wrongs.
    Chris Sununu and Maggie Hansen do your job and speak publicly.
    Peter Macdonald Sgt USMC Semper Fi

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