2 thoughts on “TSA checkpoints— “an army of agents on wheels” —on highways in Tennessee”

  1. What a great idea! Randomly search without a warrant just anyone and everybody. What bull we’re subjected to. What crap. I can hardly wait to go traveling elsewhere.

  2. UNWARRANTED SEARCHES. GESTAPO ON THE HIGHWAYS. CITIZENS REPORTING “SUSPICIOUS” ACTIVITY! WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE? The Nazis fascists would be just so proud to look into the future and see how well their habits have spread. The 9/11 terrorists are sitting with Allah and giving high-fives to see how well they have succeeded in cowering the American people and recruiting the authorities to do their jobs for them! Amazing success!

    “They who give up essential liberty for a little temporary security deserve neither.” — BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, FOUNDING FATHER.

    F*** you very much, TSA. I’ll keep the Bill of Rights.

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