Some 66% of us support the 99%

Survey Says: The Public Supports the 99% Movement

Oct 27, 2011 | By ThinkProgress War Room

The Verdict Is In

As the Occupy Wall Street protest and growing 99 Percent Movement enters its second month, poll after poll shows public support for the movement.

Here’s the rundown.

82… percent of New York State voters think it’s OK for the Occupy Wall Street protesters to protest.

70… percent of Americans have heard “a lot” or “some” about the 99 Percent Movement.

67… percent of Americans think it would be a “bad idea” to lower taxes on large corporations.

66 …percent of Americans think the distribution of money and wealth in this country should be “more evenly distributed among more people.”

65 …percent of Americans think taxes should be raised on millionaires.

66 …percent of New York State voters support a millionaire’s tax.

58 …percent of New York State voters agree with the views of the Wall Street protesters.

46 …percent of Americans think the 99 Percent Movement “reflect[s] the views of most Americans,” compared to just 34 percent who say it does not.

43 …percent of Americans agree with the views of protesters, compared to just 27 percent who disagree.

The 1% Wants Higher Taxes on Millionaires Too

68 …percent of millionaire investors support raising taxes on millionaires.

61 …percent of investors with a net worth of more than $5 million support raising taxes on millionaires.

Americans Understand the GOP is Only Looking Out for the 1%

69 …percent of Americans think that the policies of the Republicans in Congress “favor the rich.”

9 …percent of Americans think that the policies of the Republicans in Congress “favor the middle class.”

2 …percent of Americans (who apparently don’t get out much) think that the policies of the Republicans in Congress “favor the poor.”

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