UPDATED: Shame on NPR: Free-lancer Lisa Simeone gets the ax

UPDATED: NPR had no role in Lisa Simeone’s firing (and is “in conversation” with the station—WDAV—that axed her)

NPR Gets Radio Host Fired for Occupying

National Public Radio on Wednesday discovered that a woman named Lisa Simeone who produced hosted a show about opera called “World of Opera” had been participating in a nonviolent occupation of Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C., organized by October2011.org. That same day, NPR persuaded a company for which Simeone worked to fire her, cutting her income in half and purging from the so-called public airwaves a voice that had never mentioned politics on NPR.

This frantic email was sent to all NPR staff:

From:NPR Communications
Sent: Wednesday, October 19, 2011 6:12 PM
Subject: From Dana Rehm: Communications Alert

To: All Staff
Fr: Dana Davis Rehm
Re: Communications Alert

We recently learned of World of Opera host Lisa Simeone’s participation in an Occupy DC group. World of Opera is produced by WDAV, a music and arts station based in Davidson, North Carolina. The program is distributed by NPR. Lisa is not an employee of WDAV or NPR; she is a freelancer with the station.

We’re in conversations with WDAV about how they intend to handle this. We of course take this issue very seriously.

As a reminder, all public comment (including social media) on this matter is being managed by NPR Communications.

All media requests should be routed through NPR Communications at 202.513.2300 ormediarelations@npr.org. We will keep you updated as needed. Thanks.


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One thought on “UPDATED: Shame on NPR: Free-lancer Lisa Simeone gets the ax”

  1. Shame on NPR! This is one of the reasons that I am not a member. They fire Juan Williams, and now Lisa, but they keep crap like Scott Simon and even over pay the bastard.

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