Ron Kuby calls for probe of Johnny “Fists” Cardona’s brutality

Occupy Wall Street assault: lawyer demands action on policeman’s punch
Johnny Cardona, the deputy inspector at centre of allegation by Felix Rivera Pitre, is believed to have been caught on video dishing out rough treatment to another New York protester
Ed Pilkington in New York, Sunday 16 October 2011 17.50 EDT

A lawyer acting on behalf of an Occupy Wall Street protester who was allegedly assaulted by a New York police officer on Friday has called for an investigation into the behaviour of the deputy inspector involved after video evidence appeared to show the same officer engaging in the rough handling of a woman protester in an earlier incident.

Ron Kuby, a Manhattan-based criminal defence lawyer who specialises in cases of alleged police brutality, has written to the New York district attorney Cyrus Vance calling for a “full, complete and lengthy investigation” into Friday’s incident. He said that his client, Felix Rivera Pitre, would co-operate fully with any such investigation.

Video footage of the scuffle first posted by the Gothamist website appears to show the white-shirted police officer grabbing Rivera from behind, swinging him round and then punching him in the face. Rivera falls to the ground, suggesting that the punch had considerable impact.

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