Riot cops take Oakland (2 items)

Video w/ explanatory voice-over:



Police Attack Peaceful ‘Occupy Oakland’ Demonstrators, Veterans with Rubber Bullets, Tear Gas, Flash Grenades and Dishonor

Are they TRYING to set the scene for an #OccupyDNC2012? If so, it’s working…

Once again, late last night, as is becoming a too-regular nightly ritual, after the 11p news was over, police moved in again to violate the Constitutional First Amendment right “of the people peaceably to assemble”. And, for the second night in a row, late last night in Oakland, CA, it resembled a war zone as police in riot gear unleashed a punishing onslaught of flash-bang grenades, rubber bullets and tear gas — hour after hour, round after round — injuring demonstrators, including women, the disabled and even Iraq War veterans…

Unlike the police in Albany a few nights ago, where they defied orders from NY’s Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo to arrest demonstrators, and more like Chicago where the police followed the advice of Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel to break down the demonstrations over the weekend and haul more than 175 in, the Oakland Police Department, with the approval of Democratic Mayor Jean Quan, unleashed a punishing assault on those gathered “to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

The results were horrific, according to video, photos and eye-witness reports as it all happened and was reported on Twitter, including this scene appearing to show a member of Veterans for Peace knocked out by either a concussive grenade or a tear gas canister or a rubber bullet, and being carried away…


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  1. It’s essientially no different than footage that we’ve seen from the Iraq war- a soldier is injured from an explosion, or hit by a bullet, his comrades come to his aid just when another explosion occurs, and they they carry him away in a mad panic screaming for a medic. I wonder how much of these brutal tactics and this ultra-militarized police force that we now see are a direct result of Continuity of Government plans that Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Oliver North had been developing for many years prior to 9/11. Some of the comments I’ve seen from news stories about this on Yahoo! News have many of the right-wingers in disbelief that this story is true- on guy said “This is left-wing trash- it’s not true”. Other people had a “What was he doing there?” type of reaction- as if a member of their over-romanticised, and over-idealized military could possibly have any grivences about coming back to a country with limited, meaningful, full time job opportunities, a Supreme Court that says corporations are now people (but you can’t sue them, or hold them accountable for anything), and a GOP intent crashing the economy for their own political gain in 2012.

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