PROOF that Oakland PD infiltrated #OWS

Copwatch@Occupy Oakland: Beware of Police Infiltrators and Provocateurs

3 thoughts on “PROOF that Oakland PD infiltrated #OWS”

  1. Saw this posted at the Occupy Asheville site and commented that I was glad to see it there and that one can also often find information about election problems/issues here. The original poster said it was her first time at the site but she would be back.
    I have posted this to some other Occupy sites. Post often get lost in the Facebook posting but I think it is worth doing.

  2. It seems that two of the occupy movements where there appeared to be a clash between both civilians and cops (Oakland, and outside the National Air and Space Museum)- and not the ones that were one sided where the police were clearly using unwarranted and excessive force, were the result of infiltrators. In Oakland, it was the police posing as protesters, and in Washington it was that repugnant conserva-brat, with the bushy eyebrowes (I forgot his name) who was going to “get my story” for whatever fit for toilet paper, far right-wing libertarian paper/website he writes for.

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