#OccupyMarines are getting set to Occupy America (and reach out to the cops)!

#OccupyMarines are Preparing to Occupy America Nationwide
October 21, 2011
By Anomaly100

United States Marine Corps. Sergeant Shamar Thomas in a spectacular moment defended the protesters of Occupy Wall Street while staring into the faces of thirty NYPD officers, and now countless other Marines have organized in an amazing show of solidarity.

Sgt. Thomas’ gallant actions in standing up for American citizens being brutalized by the police were shown in a video which has gone viral with almost 2 million views. Marines have joined forces with #OccupyMarines in solidarity with the movement not just in New York, but nationwide:

“OccupyMARINES Are Currently Assessing The Current Situation To Ascertain What Is Currently Needed To Support OWS America. We Are Humbled At The Substantial Support OWS America Has Provided And Ask That Everyone Continue As You All Do While We Implement Organization Nationwide. As We All Know, ‘Occupy’ Groups Are Being Established Even Now And Would Like To See This Trend Continue.”

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One thought on “#OccupyMarines are getting set to Occupy America (and reach out to the cops)!”

  1. “if you thought it was has hard to awaken the giant…you have no idea how hard it will be to put it to sleep again”

    i hear the half awake stirrings of a large body of disillusioned people… and they are starting to rise and speak

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