NYPD should have Johnny “Fists” Cardona in a cell, not on the force

ACTION: SUSPEND CARDONA: NYPD DI Cardona’s Punch was Not the First
by Charlie Grapski

The unprovoked “sucker punch” of an Occupy Wall Street protester Friday’s march in New York City has now been seen by millions. It was unclear from the videos who the ranking officer (White Shirt) who violently attacked the man was – but the NY Daily News now confirms his identity was Deputy Inspector Johnny Cardona.

This comes as no surprise to me as when I first viewed the footage I immediately recognized the officer by his demeanor and tried to get a positive identification from stills taken from the videos. The photos suggested strongly that this was Cardona, whose involvement in the violence that led to the pepper-spraying of innocent citizens on September 24th by D.I. Anthony Bologna I documented here on DailyKos two weeks ago, but I was unable to pin down the identity until the release of his name to the Daily News.

As a community we were able to reveal that Bologna’s act on September 24th was neither justified nor an isolated incident – but a pattern – and we were able to get that important aspect of the story to the national and international media’s attention and to force official investigations into Bologna’s activities. It also appears to have kept Bologna off the streets during this time and prevented further abuses by him.

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