Now that the dollar’s going down, will we go with it? (2 items)

The following is an excerpt from H.W. Brands’ Greenback Planet: How the Dollar Conquered the World and Threatened Civilization As We Know It, out this month from University of Texas Press.

It’s the first in a new book series—”Discovering America”—that I’m editing for Texas, which will be coming out with others by John Prados, William Hogeland, Josh Ozersky, Ginger Strand and Lance DeHaven-Smith, among others.



The currency’s grip on the world economy is rapidly slipping — and that could mean bad things for us
The end of the dollar standard


Exclusive: China to step up ASEAN yuan trade settlement

(Reuters) – China plans to sign an agreement with the 10-member Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) to settle trade in yuan, said two independent sources, another step in China’s long campaign to make its currency one widely used beyond its borders.

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