More on the pepper-spraying at the National Air & Space Museum yesterday (2 items)

1) Pepper-Sprayed for Peace
By David Swanson


2) NEWS from Veterans For Peace (VFP)FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 8, 2011
Contact: Mike Ferner 314-337-8871 Gene Marx 253-653-4423

Veterans For Peace issues the following statement from Freedom Plaza, Washington D.C., 6pm Saturday October 8.

Approximately 50 members of Veterans For Peace participated in a march this afternoon from Freedom Plaza to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum on the National Mall. The museum was featuring an exhibit on unmanned drone bombers that a group of about 250 people from the encampment at Freedom Plaza intended to protest.

The marchers ascended the museum steps, chanting, “When drones fly, children die.”

They opened the doors at one of the three entrances, and when that entryway became full, they went to the second and third entrances.

VFP Acting Director Mike Ferner said, “I was at the first entranceway, holding the door open for people to enter. I saw a police or security officer in a white shirt hold his hands up, telling people to stop. The marchers continued and the officer began pepper-spraying everyone. From everything I saw until that moment, there was no reason for the pepper-spraying. The door of the museum clearly said ‘free admission.’ It did not say ‘Free admission if you are quiet’ or ‘Free admission unless you have opinions contrary to government policy.’

“This was a clear abuse of authority and a use of force far beyond what was called for. Our members are consulting with National Lawyers Guild attorneys who are working with the encampment.”

“We are aware that one of the marchers shoved aside one of the officers. We do not condone this behavior.”

Veterans For Peace is one of several groups organizing the encampment. VFP is an organization composed of U.S. military veterans from WWII, the Korean War, Vietnam, Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, and Iraq wars and every period in between.

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