Koch/Walker’s blackshirts getting ready to ban stem cell research in Wisconsin

Update from Peter Barca (FB):

Robert Golden, dean of the UW Medical College said the bill would shut down Wisconsin’s internationally lauded, cutting-edge biotech research. Golden said the bill’s introduction increases the uncertainty of stem cell research in WI, leading scientists to consider leaving the state to do their work in a more hospitable environment. It appears this bill is already effecting UW and MCW so what step do you believe the GOP will take next?


Republicans Could Ban Stem Cell Research in Wisconsin
Vaguely written bill would have ‘catastrophic’ impact on biotech industry
By Lisa Kaiser

More than 60 Republican legislators have signed on to a bill that would ban stem cell research in the state.

Supported by the extremist anti-abortion group Pro-Life Wisconsin, the bill would criminalize the sale or use of tissue from a fetus that had been aborted.

But the ban doesn’t stop there.

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