Koch Industries cleans up by giving cancer to its neighbors

Cancer Risks for Koch Profits

Watch the Video and Fight Back

Dear Friend,

Our Koch Brothers Exposed video investigation has discovered something so tragic it will haunt Charles and David Koch for years to come.

Is a Koch Industries factory getting away with murder?

While the brothers wage war against safety precautions, every day their factory is dumping millions of gallons of wastewater into streams that flow near a small rural town in Arkansas.

“The Koch brothers are killing me and my family,” Norma Thompson, a Crossett, Arkansas resident told us during our investigation. She’s lived near the Koch brothers’ mill for 39 years.

Journey to Arkansas, watch her story and take action to help her stop the Kochs.

In many ways, the Koch brothers personify what’s driving people young and old to fight money in politics, occupy Wall Street and protest in the streets. People are rising up and have identified the overwhelming corporate influence on democracy as a corrosive stain that harms the rest of us.

Our latest video reflects this as we follow the money and prove the Koch brothers buy a system that makes them richer at the expense of everyone else. Through political donations, think tanks and front groups, the Koch brothers are able to weaken safety and oversight laws, which leaves communities like Crossett, Arkansas behind to suffer.

We can stop the Koch brothers from poisoning towns and cities. Local community leaders in Arkansas have volunteered to hand deliver messages directly to Charles and David Koch.

Will you post a comment Arkansas residents can use to stop the Koch brothers?


Robert Greenwald

and the Brave New Foundation team

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7 thoughts on “Koch Industries cleans up by giving cancer to its neighbors”

  1. Let me tell you something. I AM FROM THAT AREA. BORN AND RAISED. My dad owns the car business RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE MILL. Has worked there for almost 30 years now. Do you know how many people I have know personally that have died… from cancer? Three. Three in the 34 years I have been alive. I wouldn’t exactly say that was a staggering number.

    Cancer, indeed, is everywhere. According to OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT cancer death rate statistics, Ashley County’s rate (where Crossett is) has been declining since 2000, and is now at the national average. Funny how they depict Crossett as a poor, impoverished city. I am there all of the time. That’s NOT the Crossett I know. BNF helped organize the Occupy Wallstreet protest, which oddly enough reminds me a lot of the uprisings in Egypt. Hmmmmmm. I know all about their twisted organization and how they seek a one world govenment. They are a bunch of fascists, including Robert Greenwald. By the way…didn’t he announce in 2004 that he would bring Fox News Network down? We see how that worked out for him. Miserable FAILURE. Garbage in, garbage out. President Obama declared war on the Koch brothers months ago because they have the courage to oppose his many radical actions. They have only owned GP for a few years so whatever the problems— they did not cause them. They could care less about our city’s health or circumstances and ANYONE WITH A BRAIN knows it. We can see right through They. They only want to bring Koch down everywhere in the United States. It will not happen. Sorry.

    If GP ever goes under, it will DECIMATE our community. But do you think this care about that? GP has done more for Southeast Arkansas than you could EVER think about doing for us. The whole part of the state is fueled by them. Period.

  2. I quess someone obviously works for yet another Koch brothers disinformation front group. Robert Greenwald is not a fascist, but you are definately an idiot. In 2004, Greenwald made the great film “Outfoxed”, but I don’t think he ever said he would bring the “Fox “News” Network “down- maybe someone in the infinite right-wing echo chamber that you watch, listen too, and read every day did. And by the way, President Obama DID NOT declare war on the Koch brothers- I wish he did because they’ve clearly declared war on this country. Since 2009, their net worth has gone up from $34 billion, to $50 billion- almost a 1/3 increase in their fortune. Personally, I have no idea what these fascistic, spoiled, overentitled, delusional, self-appointed “producers” are whineing about. They are among the biggest threats this country has ever faced, and in the hellish Ayn Randian world that they inhabit, they are much closer to parasites than the Superman “producers” that they think they are. I might suggest another line of “work” for you- one that actually benefits society, and the planet in some way would be nice.

  3. Also, the Koch brothers have been on record for several decades as one of the ten worst polluters in the country. Do you think the people in Greenwald’s video were paid actors faking their serious illnesses and lung cancer? I don’t think the Koch brothers care about doing anything for the people of Southwest Arkansas. To them, it’s just a place that they can ravage, despoil, poision, and pollute with no consequences because the people are too poor and powerless (like the ones in the video), or stupid (that would be you).

  4. Wow. What a typical liberal. Calling people that don’t agree with them stupid/idiots. That’s real mature. I commend you. Moving on….tell me….where do you live? Have you ever been to Crossett, Arkansas? Do you know the people there personally? Because….mmmmmm…..I do. You have no idea what you are talking about. Newsflash sir……………PEOPLE DIE FROM CANCER. Yep. It’s true. It’s sad. I’ve lost family to the disease and it is a sad, devastating disease. But cancer is EVERYWHERE. Let’s see…what causes cancer. Shell fish, constipation, smoking, bird feces (growing up around chicken houses, which there are ALOT of in Southeast Arkansas and was the cause of my grandmother’s lung cancer), alcohol, obesity, lack of vitamin intake….I could go ON AND ON AND ON. Tell me, can you prove that those FEW people who were on that documentary got cancer from the mill?? Um…I’m going to go ahead and answer that for you. NO. But if you want to travel down to Crossett after you go to med school and do some research….be my guest. I’ll draw you a map so you can get there. And another thing….the Koch brothers have owned GP ONLY A FEW YEARS. So even if there is ANY inkling to this documentary that is true (and I’m not saying there is), those problems were NOT caused by the Koch brothers. They would have been there WAY WAY before they took over. And go back and READ my first post. Ashley County is at the AVERAGE NATIONAL average. Do you know what average means? If not, let me know. I am a teacher and have taught elementary math for years, so I can explain that to you. Yes….that’s right. I’m a school teacher. Not another paid member of some type of front group. I am a United States citizen who has great concern about the vast assortment of disinformation that is being spewed out to the public by groups such as BNF on a daily basis. And yes…he did vow to bring Fox News down. Too bad that Fox DECIMATES CNN and MSNBC COMBINED, day in and day out. Stinks for you liberals. And there is not a thing you can do about it. Ha!

    I am personally vested in the reprecussions that this community would face if GP suffered because of this documentary, which is garbage. Are you? I think not. You don’t give a damn about the people in that community. I DO. They are my friends, they are my family, that are my past and they are my future. They are my nephews and nieces and brothers and parents. Who do you have that lives there that you love? If I really felt their health was being compromised, I would be the FIRST to call the Koch brothers out. I have everything to lose if this documentary is true. What do you have to lose? Nothing. Not a damn thing. So your opinion means nothing to me. Zero. Zilch.

    You let me know when you go down to Crossett and spend some substantial time down there. Then maybe, just maybe, you will know what you are talking about and not just regergitating this garbage. And just maybe, just maybe, you will think for your self and use the brain God gave you rather than letting someone else use it for you.

    Now, unlike you, I’m not going to call you an idiot or stupid. I’ll just say you are misguided.

    You have a blessed day. God bless you and your misguided thoughts and beliefs.

  5. Mark, thanks for posting. Olivia Murphy has written on our Koch Brothers Exposed page on Facebook too. Her points remind me of our investigation’s early going– when our film crew was met by intense local skepticism by the residents who ultimately came forward to speak out in our film. The Koch brothers subsidiary company, Georgia-Pacific, is by far the largest employer in Crossett, AR, and many of the individuals in our video are retired GP employees, or their parents worked for GP, or had children and neighbors who benefited from GP’s donations to the town’s churches, schools, police, fire, you name it.

    We were able to earn their trust over time. And since our investigation was broadcasted, other Crossett residents have come out of the woodwork to share their experience, and it is 100% contrary to Olivia’s claims.

    We released a short follow up featuring one former Crossett resident Lance Blann you can check out here: http://youtu.be/N7aYGhfO5m0. We’ll also plan to do more work with our film’s protagonist, David Bouie, who wrote a blog for us about his experience battling Georgia-Pacific, which we posted at our Foundation blog page. We’re also planning some creative ground actions that will feature Mr. Bouie confronting the Kochs with the roughly 3,000 messages viewers left at our KochBrothersExposed.com page.



  6. In all due respect Mr. Greenwall, your opinion means nothing to me either. Zilch. Your fancy awards and your titles neither impress or mean anything to me. If you were so concerned about the air quality in this country you would be out examining ALL paper mills and not just GP. You discredit yourself in not doing so. Everyone that has a brain and can think on their own, can clearly see the agenda you have against the Koch Brothers and that is the soul reason you traveled down to Crossett. I’ll say it to you too, you dont give a damn about the people in Crossett. Do you have family there? Did you grow up there? Do you have ANYTHING to lose if GP were to go under? Nope. Not a thing. You have no proof that GP caused any cancer. None. There were several participants in your movie that smoked heavily for years? Did you know that? Or do you even care? My guess is no. Again, there are hundreds of things that cause cancer. It’s everywhere. Until you have proof that your accusations are valid, then I will continue to speak out against what you are doing. You have NO IDEA what would happen to that area if something were to happen to GP. And you don’t care. You should be ashamed of exploiting those people for your own political gain. And you will be judged for it one day. God knows your heart. You may think you can hide it, and you may be able to from a lot of people, but not from the one that matters. If I were you, I would be afraid. I would be very afraid. You’ll have to answer to your lies and corrupt motives one day, and when that day comes may God have mercy on your soul.

    Matthew 12:36 But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.

    Good luck with that.

    You don’t scare me. You’re nobody to me. I’ll pray for you though because that is what Jesus told us to do.

  7. The chief protagonist in Mr. Greenwalds hit piece, appears to be someone who settled with Georgia Pacific LONG before the Koch brothers bought the company . Mr. Bouie states on the Brave New Foundation web site, ” the Georgia Pacific Corporation YEARS ago paid neighbors on other streets to move away. They got outta here on Georgia Pacifics dime, but the company opted to settle with us, on the cheap, we learned later. We trusted them, needed the money, and now we’ve been left behind and left to suffer alone”. Quoting Mr. Bouie, residents of Thurman Road apparently got more to relocate than did the residents of Penn Road years ago. I have lived in Ashley County and worked in Crossett all my life. I am 65 years old. Long before GP bought the Crossett Company, there has been a “stink creek”. Yes, people working there might say it “smells like bacon and eggs”. The bias in the movie is apparent in that it fails to place blame where blame “might” be due. I do not believe there is an increased risk of cancer for citizens of Crossett that is due from “stink creek”. I have seen no facts presented, only hypothesis by those who live in proximity of “Stink Creek”, and it is clear they may have a personal reason for declaring Stink Creek a cancer causing entity. One thing is clear. The Koch brothers are not responsible for the death of ANY Crossett citizens depicted in the film. They have not owned GP long enough. If the EPA has been derelect in policing the local paper mill, they are responsible. In March, 2009, on Obamas watch, they cleared GP of charges they were polluting the Oachita River, the desination of Stink Creek water. It is my opinion, and the opinion of all those that I know in Crossett, that this is a hit piece brought on by a political agenda of those who espouse left wing views and deeply resent the Koch brothers exercising their freedom to support conservative causes that they believe in. After all, thank God we live in a country that allows us that freedom. God bless America and let us agree to disagree on issues, but let us refrain from building premises that attack our freedom to pursue and defend our God given beliefs. I will defend Brave New Foundations right to espouse their causes, and welcome true discourse on the merits of that cause. To attack the Koch brothers for reasons other than facts, is beneath discourse. With Kind Regards, James Murphy, owner Crossett Ford Lincoln. Anyone need to buy a new car?

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