Hundreds are routinely tortured in Afghanistan—by “our side,” not the Taliban

The UN’s report covers only the period from Oct. 2010 to Aug. 2011.


Afghanistan officials ‘systematically tortured’ detainees, says UN report
Interviews with 379 people held by police or intelligence services describe beatings, removing toenails and electric shocks
Jeremy Kelly in Kabul, Monday 10 October 2011 09.26 EDT

Prisoners have been systematically tortured while in the custody of Afghan security officials, according to a UN report which described abuse including ripping detainees’ toenails out and twisting their genitals.

Nearly half of prisoners interviewed by Afghanistan’s intelligence agency said they had been tortured while a third of those arrested by Afghan police reported abuse.

The report, based on interviews with 379 randomly selected prisoners including teenage boys, says torture was systematic at five locations around the country and was designed to obtain confessions, which are often the only form of evidence against a suspect.

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