Here’s why Yahoo! puts out anti-Occupation propaganda—and one thing you can do about it #ows

From K. R. Large (edited for brevity):

The chairman of Yahoo! is Roy Bostock, who also serves on the board of directors of Morgan Stanley. In September, Bostock named, as Yahoo’s CEO, Tim Morse, who’s spent his life in financial management. (Prior to his stint as Yahoo!’s Chief Financial Officer, he spent a long time at GE, on the financial side.)

I won’t be wasting my time complaining about this propaganda cast as “news,” but I will be removing Yahoo! from my search engine options, and refrain from using any of their services.

Sadly, Yahoo! has been corporatized, so I expect many similar attacks from its news feeds on the #OWS movement—which dares to advocate direct democracy and a balanced share of power and wealth for the 99% of the world’s population betrayed by the present system.

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