Here’s one for the Occupiers—and a great idea for the economy: CANCEL STUDENT DEBT!

Inflated college tuitions stunt intellectual growth
by Atticus Brigham
Published October 18, 2011

The average student reading this story owes or will owe NYU over $35,000.

Though tuition comprises just 39 percent of NYU’s total operating revenue, the debt incurred by undergraduate students is well over the national average, which is approximately $28,000.

These figures are merely symptoms of a larger societal disease: intellectual stagnation produced by the rising price of education. Young minds are forced into work they are not interested in — labor necessitated by debt bondage. Graduates-cum-peons sign on for indentured servitude with an average starting salary of $47,637. The less lucky cannot find work in our economy, as demonstrated by the 9.1 percent unemployment rate.

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