Help complete PAY 2 PLAY—a great new documentary on the campaign finance racket!

John Wellington Ennis made the excellent on-line doc Free for All!—one of the very few that deals forthrightly with the problem of election fraud.

Now he’s back with a follow-up doc called Pay 2 Play, which promises to be just as important. (I’m interviewed in both, FWIW.)

Post-production of this film will cost a little over $50,000. Please make a contribution if you can.



PAY 2 PLAY: Democracy's High Stakes

The dreams we have pursued are suddenly in sight. After a five year odyssey, we are now editing our documentary PAY 2 PLAY. And even as we tell this story of how campaign costs have compromised our country, people are taking to the streets on Wall Street and across the country to protest this reality.
While this movement is an inspirational burst of populist power, it will take time and work to affect meaningful change. PAY 2 PLAY not only outlines where our campaigns fail us, but how we can retake the democratic process. This film is intended to enlighten and empower, and we need to get this message out perhaps now more than ever.
We’ve made it to this point with your help. Now, we are asking for any assistance you can offer with helping us raise the money to edit and release this film in time for the 2012 elections.
We need to raise over $50,000 just to get the film edited. Please consider sharing this, suggesting fundraising ideas, or making a contribution. With enough friends who believe in what we’re doing, this film will be realized soon and make a major impact.
Thanks again for all you do, John W. Ennis
John Wellington Ennis
Director, PAY 2 PLAY


“The Endgame of Occupy Wall Street

is Critical Mass”


by John Wellington Ennis


Huff Post

This front page article on The Huffington Post about Occupy Wall Street explains the thesis of PAY 2 PLAY: “Those that become elected repay their backers with loose oversight, no-bid contracts, and even accept their donors’ legislation pre-written. We don’t live in capitalism — that’s favoritism.” READ ON

Street Art as an Antidote to our Ad-Soaked Environment



PAY 2 PLAY explores street art as a creative and growing form of political expression. While the journey begins with the now world-known Alec Monopoly, there are many artists with something to say, and they are taking to the streets to say it.


PAY 2 PLAY has been covered by the nation’s top street art blog Melrose & Fairfax, and we’ve amassed real street cred along our expolration. From political artist Lydia Emily taking a stand in court to the Warhol posters of Thank You X, this underground culture is robust with exciting voices.
Watch this video of street artist Morley as he posts his work of irony and inspiration in broad daylight, with maximum impact.
Politics is a Pyramid Scheme The cost of running for office makes candidates beg, borrow, and steal.
PAY 2 PLAY shows how our elections encourage extortion and how to stop it.

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Public Interest Pictures
We are proud PAY 2 PLAY is a joint production with Public Interest Pictures, the 501(c)(3) non-profit that produced such acclaimed documentaries as the HBO Emmy-nominated Hacking Democracy, Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election, and the ACLU / Robert Greenwald exposé Unconstituional. Public Interest Pictures’ achievement in exposing electoral injustice is a guiding principle for our work on PAY 2 PLAY.


Interview with RT International on P2P
PAY 2 PLAY Director John Wellington Ennis appeared live on RT International to discuss the effectiveness of protest in the Occupy Wall Street movement. JWE on RT International
discussed how his film PAY 2 PLAY covers ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, which has been authoring corporate friendly legislation for decades, and how a whistleblower had a change of heart after observing the ALEC protests in Cincinnati, Ohio: “When you appear in public in support of a cause, you don’t know what ripples you are creating.” WATCH

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