Having trouble getting your Wisconsin voter ID? Maybe you’re just TOO DAMN OLD to vote there!

Plain Talk: Participating in democracy just got tougher for elderly
DAVE ZWEIFEL | Cap Times editor emeritus |
Posted: Monday, October 31, 2011 4:30 am

Back in July, I wrote about a 101-year-old woman named Gladys Butterfield of Rhinelander who, after faithfully voting for the past 80 years, was faced with having to visit a Division of Motor Vehicles office to get — thanks to Scott Walker and his fellow Republicans in the Legislature — an ID card so she can continue taking part in American democracy.

Her daughter, Gail Bloom, had written me about the inconvenience it was causing her mom, who is in a wheelchair.

“Because she no longer has a driver’s license and her baptismal record isn’t acceptable as proof of her identity, she has had to apply for and pay $20 for a state-certified birth certificate,” Gail wrote. “She is not exempt from needing an ID as those in nursing homes are because my sister and I have been able to care for her in her home.

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