French police chief flew hookers to NY for orgies with DSK when he was running IMF

How come he had so much time on his hands (and knees)?


More DSK Scandal:
French Police Chief Allegedly Flew Prostitutes to New York for Orgies
By Julianne Escobedo Shepherd, AlterNet
Posted on October 17, 2011

French prosecutors may have dropped Tristane Banon’s rape charges against Dominique Strauss-Kahn, but the scandals just won’t quit. During an undercover prostitution sting in France, officials have uncovered information that Jean-Christophe Lagarde, a police chief who hoped to work for DSK if he became president, hired prostitutes and organized orgies for DSK while he was IMF chief, including flying prostitutes to New York. Daily Mail:

French judges are aware that Mr Lagarde, a departmental commissioner in France’s national police force, had discussed setting up a protection unit for Mr Strauss-Kahn if he became President of France.

The highly-respected Sunday paper, which has seen inquiry documents, said that Mr Lagarde also accompanied prostitutes to New York, where Mr Strauss-Kahn was working as IMF chief.

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