Executive of Nassau County (NY) seeks “crisis” powers to crush unions, run things Mussolini-style (like they do in Michigan)

October 19, 2011 08:00 AM
Nassau County, NY Officials Pursue Most Extreme Attack on Collective Bargaining Yet
By Kenneth Quinnell

In addition to laying off more than 1,000 county employees, Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano is seeking to pass the Fiscal Crisis Reform Act, which would allow the executive to declare a fiscal crisis which would then give him nearly unlimited powers to re-open any union contracts and modify them without any oversight. The bill would allow him to make the changes without any input from unions or workers. He would have the authority to eliminate government departments and offices, take control of the administration of departments and functions of government and freeze wages for all county employees. He is also seeking to require workers to pay 25 percent more for their health care costs.

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