Environmentalists will join the march on Wall Street on 10/5!

From Phil Aroneanu:


It’s time for environmentalists to join the fight to restore America’s democracy from the stranglehold of big polluters and corporations. From Keystone XL lobbyists to Big Coal, corporations have polluted our atmosphere and our political process. Join us in fighting back.

This WEDNESDAY we will see the biggest “Occupy Wall Street” march yet, from City Hall to Wall Street starting at 4:30 p.m.

WHEN: Wednesday, October 5th, 4:30 PM
WHAT: will lead a contingent of climate activists in the march, and we want you there with us. LOOK FOR THE BIG BLUE 350 FLAG to join the climate contingent! (or call Phil, 202 556 3350)
WHERE: City Hall, 250 Broadway, New York City, NY 10007 (Map)

What is Occupy Wall Street?

For two weeks, protestors in Liberty Plaza have been calling for a better America—a government that listens to and takes care of its people, instead of being bought-out by and pandering to big corporations.

What does Occupy Wall Street have to do with climate activism?

From Bill McKibben: “For too long, Wall Street has been occupying the offices of our government, and the cloakrooms of our legislatures. They’ve been a constant presence, rewarded not with pepper spray in the face but with yet more loopholes and tax breaks and subsidies and contracts. You could even say Wall Street’s been occupying our atmosphere, since any attempt to do anything about climate change always run afoul of the biggest corporations on the planet. So it’s a damned good thing the tables have turned.”

Please bring signs that draw the connection between corporate greed, big polluters, clean energy, and action on climate change. Wall Street is occupying the halls of congress and the State Department so let’s get out there and occupy Wall Street, together.

See you tomorrow,
Phil Aroneanu, and the whole team

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