End the bloody “war on drugs” by legalizing them, says Mexico’s ex-president

Former Mexican President’s Passionate Call to the US: Stop Bloodshed And Legalize Drugs
By Tony Newman, AlterNet
Posted on October 22, 2011, Printed on October 23, 2011

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox made a passionate and powerful call for an end to the war on drugs and called on the United States to legalize drugs to help reduce the violence in Mexico in an interview with BBC TV his week. Fox is critical of current Mexican President Calderon and the US government’s counterproductive “drug control” strategy – and says they are responsible for the 50,000 prohibition-related deaths in Mexico in just the last five years.

Fox explains that the United States should learn from the history of alcohol prohibition and that the answer to today’s violence is to legalize drugs and treat them as a health issue, rather than a criminal issue.

When the BBC reporter implies that he is naïve to think the US will legalize drugs, Fox points out that public opinion is changing rapidly. He mentions that a Gallup poll this week showed for the first time that 50 percent of Americans support making marijuana legal.

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A message from Whether currently illicit drugs are legalized or not, drug rehab programs will continue extending help for those who seek it.

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If foreign drug producers and domestic distributors are to be put out of business, domestic law enforcement must be concentrated on RETAIL SALES. But present legislation backing the “war on drugs” criminalizes mere possession. Worse, it purports to reverse the onus of proof in drug-possession trials. That reversal is incompatible with the rule of law and is therefore unconstitutional in ALL jurisdictions. More:

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