Donate to Occupy WallStreet through PayPal

From Susan Lee:

At Alliance for Global Justice——there’s a tab for giving to Occupy Wall.St through PayPal. I made a contribution using my credit card.

The link is

According to a handout I was given yesterday, checks can be sent to:

Alliance for Global Justice
1247 “E” Street, SE
Washington DC 20003

They ask that you indicate “Occupy Wall Street” in the memo line, or, to make a telephone donation, call 202 544 9355.

2 thoughts on “Donate to Occupy WallStreet through PayPal”

  1. Dear Susan–Thanks for the info on Alliance for Global Justice. Since PayPal blackballed wikileaks, I refuse to use their service. I will call from Slovenia when DC wakes up.

    Peace, justice and best regards,


  2. Yeah, that sucks about Wikileaks and PayPal. i.e. PayPal sucks.

    But I need them, I don’t have credit cards.

    I donated to Wikileaks via a bank transfer to an account in Iceland.

    I’ll mail a cheque.

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