Democrats fight GOP election fraud with one hand tied behind their backs (3 items)

Good news that Obama and his party, Rachel Maddow and The Nation, among others, are all finally getting tough about the GOP’s new Jim Crow laws, which could keep some 5 million voters from the polls in the 2012 election.

But this news isn’t good enough, because such laws are only one part of the voting problem in America, where election-theft is now a two-part process.  

First of all, there’s vote suppression—all those measures, legal (or “legal”) and illegal, that are used to whittle down the pool of eligible voters. The recent wave of outright Jim Crow laws passed nationwide (with help from ALEC) is, although a major means of vote suppression, only one of many such exclusionary tactics, all deployed to close the gap between the fringe of far-right voters and the rest of us, and make US elections seem much closer than they really are.

And that’s only the half of it. While vote suppression knocks out eligible voters prior to Election Day, election fraud—managed through America’s near-universal electronic voting and vote-counting systems, owned and run by rightist private companies—cuts Democratic margins down still further on Election Day, enabling “upset victories” as needed.

Thus Bush/Cheney “won” their “re-election” in 2004—through (a) vast vote suppressionall throughout Ohio (and other states), and then through (b) election fraud arranged by Karl Rove’s IT guru Mike Connell, who’d signed a contract for that job with SoS Ken Blackwell. (Connell’s company, GovTech Solutions, carried out that mission with two other ultra-rightist firms, as the contract—which we have—spells out explicitly.) And the Republicans have won a lot of other “victories” through that same two-part process,  as plenty of strong evidence makes clear; and yet the Democrats won’t say Word One about election fraud—or, for that matter,vote suppression carried out through electronic means.

For instance, the Republicans have, for years now, shrunk the number of resistant voters by erasing names of (literally) countless Democrats from electronic voter rolls, so that those would-be voters show up at the polls, only to be told that they can’t vote, even though they’d duly registered. That sort of disenfranchisement could only be prevented by a radical reform of our preposterous voting system—reform that isn’t going to happen very soon, because the Democrats et al. won’t even talk about such problems, much less try to solve them.

Why won’t they talk about them? (Who knows? They won’t discuss that, either.)

In any case, a real defense of US voting rights is going to need a drive far more courageous than this one-eyed effort by Obama, Rachel Maddow and The Nation, all of whom care infinitely more about their party than they do about American democracy.


1) Democrats Launch Plan To Combat New Voter Suppression Laws

2) Obama Denounces New GOP Voting Laws, Says the Justice Department Is Investigating
Ari Berman on October 4, 2011 – 12:21pm ET

3) Scott Gessler, Colorado Secretary Of State, Draws Federal Ire Over Questionable Ballot Practices (VIDEO, UPDATE)
The Huffington Post Ryan Grenoble First Posted: 9/29/11 01:32 PM ET Updated: 10/5/11 05:09 PM ET

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