Corporate front groups spent 13X more than the whole labor movement on judicial elections

Important piece—but note how the author, typically, takes it for granted that the Waukesha Strangler “narrowly defeated a progressive challenger,” as if that “victory” were beyond question.


Just Three Corporate Front Groups Spent 13 Times as Much as the Entire Labor Movement to Buy Judicial Elections
Friday 28 October 2011
by: Ian Millhiser, ThinkProgress | Report

After the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision opened the floodgates to unlimited corporate money in American elections, the decision’s defenders claimed this wasn’t such a big deal because unions could also take advantage of the decision. A new report by three leading voting rights and judicial independence groups gives the lie to this claim. According to the report, just three corporate interest groups — The Ohio Chamber of Commerce, the Business Council of Alabama, and the Illinois Civil Justice League spent more than 13 times as much trying to influence state supreme court elections as the entire labor movement:

[link to graphs]

The report focuses on the 2009-10 cycle, so it does not include the recent Wisconsin Supreme Court race where incumbent Justice David Prosser narrowly defeated a progressive challenger after corporate front groups rode to his rescue with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of funds.

Originally published on ThinkProgress

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4 thoughts on “Corporate front groups spent 13X more than the whole labor movement on judicial elections”

  1. The evidence is overwhelming that the Wisconsin Supreme Court election was stolen. Reporters, “progressive” bloggers and media pundits have not mentioned election fraud since 2004 when Keith Olbermann reported on the Ohio and Florida anomalies. The author did not mention the rigged SC recount and the photos of slit ballot bags, 50 consecutive ballots in a stack for Prosser, etc. Kloppenburg was robbed primarily in Waukesha and Milwaukee counties. The True Vote Model shows that she won easily:

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