Cops everywhere, no civic space, the unions busted, racist policies—Wisconsin’s on a fast track to FASCISM

And it’s happening despite the will of the electorate; and will keep happening, until the people there take back their voting system, top to bottom.


Walker Keeps Grabbing Power in Wisconsin
By Rebecca Kemble, October 19, 2011

Yesterday a friend posted a comment on Facebook about how sad it was that a constituent of U.S. Senator Ron Johnson had to write the name and phone number of her lawyer on her arm before visiting his office. Nineteen people were arrested recently for attempting to gain an audience with him. She reminisced about the good old days and Wisconsinite’s relationships with former Senator Russ Feingold, who maintained a punishing schedule of listening sessions around the state even in non-election years, and who would visit people in their homes, sharing a meal or a cup of tea.

Today we are living under a constant, low-intensity siege by the organized rightwing from within Wisconsin, which is supported by the out-of-state interests of billionaires who have hijacked our political system. We are suffering the cumulative effects of traumatic stress, which are subtle, powerful, and perverse. Every day people are being arrested for reminding lawmakers that they have the constitutional right to petition their government for redress of their grievances.

This video taken on Monday gives you an eerie sense of the constant police presence in government spaces, as well as the normalization of handcuffing and arresting calm, non-disruptive, peaceful people. The committee proceedings happening during the arrest continue without a hitch or even the slightest acknowledgement that anything unusual is taking place.

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