College kid boards subway with Design tools in downtown Manhattan!

From Ruth Liberman:

Hi Mark,

I teach at Parsons a course in Design, and we use x-acto knives, mat knives, and scissors, but that, apparently, is now illegal. One of my students had to turn up without her tools to class today because on her way she had been “subject to random search” in the subway. She had her tools confiscated (yes, scissors, too) by the police (though they let her keep the metal ruler). She showed them her New School ID, class materials, syllabus, … didn’t matter.

Who knew you’re not allowed to carry such items on the subway? (One really wonders, if such tools are so dangerous as to be confiscated, why my student was then let go as if she herself were no longer dangerous without her weapons.) Another chilling response to the Wall Street protests.


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