6 thoughts on “Chris Hedges speaks at #OWS—Part 2, Q&A”

  1. Supporting Nader gave us Bush. So, I have to disagree with Chris. Voting Green gives us Republican “leadership”. We are much better off swamping the Democratic Party with our numbers. We could win every primary.

  2. Supporting Nader did not give us Bush: Gore won the vote in Florida, as was eventually (and very quietly) reported after 9/11, once the National Opinion Research Center, at the University of Chicago, had counted all the ballots cast statewide. So Al Gore’s “loss” is not Nader’s fault, because Gore didn’t lose.

    On the other hand, it’s true that, with the GOP in charge of the US election system, voting Green in national contests does help the GOP—not because real citizens actually vote Green instead of Democratic, but because the GOP can transfer Democratic ballots to Green candidates at will.

    In short, to push for a third-party option without radical reform of our election system is unwise, to put it mildly.


  3. Gore is no different than Obama, he feeds the left what it wants to hear and knows full well his tremendous wealth is brought to him by the same people that fees the powerful of both parties. Both Republican and Democrat serve the same master, and it is not the working people of this country.

  4. Actually, Obama doesn’t “feed the left what it wants to hear.” He often did that as a candidate, but ever since he was inaugurated he’s been dumping on the left whenever possible.

    In any case, whether Gore = Obama is beside the point, since Gore didn’t run against Obama. He ran against—and beat—Bush. While he would probably have been a disappointment to those liberals who believed in him (although he picked Joe Lieberman to run with him), there’s no doubt that he would have taken steps to deal with global warming, and probably would not have invaded Iraq (as Clinton also had refused to do). Whether 9/11 would have gone down as it did—or at all—under Gore is another question worth considering.

    But all this too is irrelevant, since Gore won—a fact that trumps your take (which is also my take) on him and his party. He was the choice of the electorate, which wanted him not Bush. But they got Bush. That both parties basically “serve the same master” doesn’t make that flagrant rip-off any less of a high crime.

    (And yet, ironically enough, the Democrats’ abject failure to do anything about that crime is proof that, as you say, they do not represent “the working people of this country,” any more than they have done throughout most of their history.)


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