China’s leaders black out news of #OWS

Chinese leaders grow nervous about Occupy Wall Street
October 20, 2011 | 12:18 am

The Chinese government is unsure whether to applaud, condemn or ignore Occupy Wall Street protests

REPORTING FROM BEIJING — On Oct. 6, Occupy Wall Street inspired some little-noticed sympathy in Zhengzhou, a city in central China’s Henan province, when hundreds of pensioners and Communist Party members gathered to express their solidarity with the movement.

Photos show a small group of demonstrators, many wearing red armbands, holding a banner that reads, “Resolutely support the American People’s mighty Wall Street Revolution.”

But the demonstrators may have crossed an invisible line with the Chinese Communist Party. Videos and pictures of the demonstrations were scrubbed from the Internet within days. Censors have selectively blocked discussion of Occupy Wall Street on social media websites and pared down coverage in the state-run press.

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