Bloomberg’s girlfriend is on the board of Brookfield Properties—so call THEM, too! (Here’s how) #ows

From Erica:

Tomorrow the Mayor of New York and the City’s police department will use taxpayers’ money  to forcibly remove American citizens from Zuccotti Park, where they are peacefully assembled now in protest against the corrupt relationship between Wall Street and the government.

The Mayor is taking this action after receiving a letter of complaint from Brookfield Properties, the owners of the park.

The mayor’s girlfriend Diana Taylor is on the Board of Directors of Brookfield Properties.

If the Occupy Wall Street protestors return to the park, they – and presumably all  future visitors to the park – will not be able to do any of the following:

–       Lie down on the ground;

–       Lie down on a bench;

–       Put any covering on the property (note to future picnicners, your picnic blanket will be confiscated) .

If this offends your American sensibilities, please call Brookfield Properties CEO Ric Clark at 212-417-7000 to tell him that you don’t appreciate his company interfering in the Free Speech rights of American citizens.

If Ric is not available, you should call Melissa Coley, VP of Investor Relations at 212-417-7215 or email her at

You can also come to Zuccotti Park tomorrow morning at 6 a.m. to stand with the protesters

Or call your City Council member and tell them to put a stop to the mayor’s eviction of the Occupy Wall Street protesters. Click here to find the contact information for your council member.

It is  stunning to me that the “free-est” country in the world prevents its citizens from exercising their right to free speech while making damn sure that corporations can exercise theirs.


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