Arrests on Brooklyn Bridge; NYTimes reporter said to be among them…

Occupy Wall Street
Arrests Made at Occupy Wall Street March on Brooklyn Bridge; Times’ Natasha Lennard Reportedly Arrested
By Nick Greene Sat., Oct. 1 2011 at 5:44 PM

Police have arrested protesters at today’s Occupy Wall Street March on the Brooklyn Bridge. The New York Times says “500 people” were kettled on the bridge by police. TheTimes contributing reporter at the scene, Natasha Lennard, is said to have been arrested. A group called “globalrevolution” is livestreaming the march, and it their footage can be seen above.

The Post reports the protests have “shut down” the Brooklyn Bridge and that Charlie Rangel “tried to lend his support [but] was chased away by a heckler.” However, “the crowd came to his rescue, swamping the heckler and chanting in response: ‘Everyone has the right to speak.'”

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